Sung Presidential Prayers Project

When man comes into contact with God, mere speech is not enough. (Pope Benedict XVI, The Spirit of the Liturgy, p.136)

The new English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal is like manna from heaven for we English-speaking Catholics. Such a breath of fresh air for our celebration of the Eucharist. An important new feature in the altar editions of the Roman Missal is the increased amount of musical settings of the sacred words and the prominence of the musical notation in the actual text. Hopefully we priests will see this as encouragement to sing our parts of the Mass. The sung dialogue between priest and people lifts the sacred text to a heightened level and makes more manifest the fact that our participation in the sacred liturgy here below is our sharing in the heavenly worship before the throne of Almighty God. To facilitate more singing of the words of the sacred liturgy, there are sites that provide audio files of the music of the Roman Missal, such as Chant Café. However, one thing is lacking — audio files of the sung presidential prayers and prefaces for every Sunday and Solemnity of the year. In a small way, I would like to facilitate priests to sing their parts by furnishing mp3 files of the individual presidential prayers, or collects, and the prefaces. You can access these files through the menu item Sung Presidential Prayers on my home page.

Song and music fulfill their function as signs in a manner all the more significant when they are ‘more closely connected…with the liturgical action’”(CCC, n.1157). “Liturgical worship is given a more noble form when the divine offices are celebrated solemnly in song…” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, n.113).

Singing is a lover’s thing. (St. Augustine)


About Didobonaparte

A Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, I am the parish priest of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Langley.
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