In The House That Newman Built


Spent my first night in the Birmingham Oratory. Here is a photo of the refectory. My spot is below the crucifix to the right. I enjoyed my first formal dinner. Sounds fancy, but it is very humble. We stand before our places, recite the angelus and the meal’s blessing in Latin. During the meal there is one of the Oratorians read from a pulpit in a corner of the room (I will eventually include a photo) while one of the Oratorians waits on the tables. Aside from the reading, all is in silence. At the end of the meal (simple), we stand again in front of our place and recite the thanksgiving in Latin, then we retire to the common room for coffee and a chat together seated on plain chairs around a round table in the centre of the room. In this room, there is the original painting of probably the most familiar image of Blessed Newman as well as probably the most flattering sketch of JHN. I am feeling all very new in my new surroundings. I look forward to the time when I will feel very at home. The community is very welcoming, so I suspect it won’t be long.


About Didobonaparte

A Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, I am the parish priest of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church, Langley.
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One Response to In The House That Newman Built

  1. Sash Alexander Siano says:

    Good to see you arrived safe. Looking forward to your posts.

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