About the Author

  • Fr. Lawrence A. Donnelly

    A Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, I am currently the parish priest of Saint Joseph’s Parish, Langley.

    My interests include:

    • Catechesis
    • Scripture Sacred Liturgy
    • Usus antiquior
    • Novus Ordo
    • Sacred Music & Art
    • Gregorian Chant
    • Polyphony
    • Saint Philip Neri & The Oratory
    • Youth Ministry

    My training before seminary was in music, Gregorian Chant, education, French, and classical studies. I play the piano, organ, & celtic harp.

    Later I took to drawing, painting with oils, calligraphy, and vestment making. I also brew beer from grains and hops, and am currently brewing a Trappist ale and a Belgium brown ale. Blogging is my latest pursuit, in response to Our Holy Father, the Pope’s encouragement to clergy to use new technologies in the service of the Gospel.

    Thanking God for my vocation as priest, I believe that living in community would enrich the living out of my vocation and enhance my ministry. I do not believe the Lord is calling me to leave my state as a diocesan priest and become a religious, but rather to try and gather together like-minded gentlemen, clerics or laymen, who would like to form a community of priests living in common, as recommended by Vatican II and the Church in her pertinent documents. Dear reader, please pray for this endeavour, that in all things, God’s will be done. The Church and the world needs generous souls who will commit their lives to the Lord in living out the call to the priesthood.

    I invite comments, suggestions for future posts, and discussion. Email me at donnelly@saintjudevancouver.com.


One Response to About the Author

  1. Fr. Jeffrey Kurtz says:

    Thank you, Fr. Donnelly. These recordings are exactly what I’ve been seeking. My seminary training, like those of most of my generation, did not include a good course in chant. I do not play an instrument and am not good at sight reading music. As a result, I was left to piece together these chants as best I could following childhood memories.

    Once I get these down, who knows what I’ll tackle next? Chanting the Gospel?

    Fr. Jeffrey Kurtz

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